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The current all star champion - Pussycat. The highly invertible robot that always lands on her feet!
And that blade - mwahawowowwww!

Pussycat has been running for many years, first started off with Rob, David, Alan and Rob.

Pussycat came 2nd in the UK Championship in Series 4,
but is now the Current All Star Champion from Series 7!

Pussycat being controlled by a Sky Sports 6 transmitter set, and a Vantec controller inside from the USA provides great control for Pussycat, which is well needed being the only type of robot which is fully invertible on all 4 sides. Pussycat always lands on her wheels and can also move into any potions with careful driving from Mr Stu.

The blade which is chain driven also using a friction clutch to stop any nasty shocks going back to the motor. Also helps save the motor if the blade gets jammed, which means most of the time, we don't have to take our finger off the blade button. :o)

Pussycat has sadly been retired from Full Combat as she's just not competitive no more in terms of armour and nasty weapon. Technology moves on and technology costs money, which at the moment were not prepared to move on with, we have no money, or time to re build a brand new Pussycat heavy weight. Though Pussycat will continue to travel around the UK to take part in fun battles against robots that push and flip. We now have a Feather Weight Version of Pussycat called Kitty which is also travels around the UK to have fun in the fun feather weight fights.

Tech Stats

Motors : 3 x Bosch 750 Watt 24v motors (1hp)    Untitled-1 All Stars Champs Video
Batteries : 2 x 12v 16Ah Hawkers Od
Speed :  16 Mph
Weapon : 3500rpm 6kg Dual Discs.
Armour :  4mm Stainless Steel + 20mm Ali
Speedo : Vantec
Weight : 97.4kg