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KR3 - SP2 : Taking UK feather weight speed and power along with armour to new levels.

KR3-SP2 has taken about 3 attempts to get right. The first one "KatRip" was made out of Polycarbonate using standard drill motors. Then KR2 came along with full metal chassis and 4 standard drill motors. The more I upgraded, got better batteries ,then speed controllers, the motors started to burn out. So it was time to get some real motors and also to try something new in the UK, so I ordered some Dewalt Power Drives from USA which are 1.5HP at 18v, but I'm running them at 24v like other Robots in the USA do, and the results have been great so far.

The only reason why I got hold of the Dewalt Power Drives was because we managed to speak to and get them to sponsor us one of their brand new speed controllers called the Sidewinder. KR3-SP2 was the first robot in the UK to use one of them, and since then, many other teams use them not only for their feather weights, but also in their heavy weights as they have great current limiting and specs.

With the main parts of the robot being made out of 10mm Aircraft grade 2014 Aluminium, then 4mm Hardox bolted to the outside with an invertible scoop so either way, we can get under people and push them to where I want them to go. With in theory 3HP and grippy vulkerlon wheels, we can get most of the power to the floor, but not all of it with just a top weight of 12kg sadly, but we give it a good go.

The Hardox outer shell is bolted to the robot using 4 shock mounted bolts which in theory stop most of the shock transferring to the robots insides when hit by a nasty spinning weapon, and so far it has worked leaving the other nasty spinner in a bit of trouble, with only a scratch on us.

Tech Stats

Motors : 2 x 1.5HP Dewalt Power Drives   Untitled-1  
Batteries : 2 x 12v 2400mAh NiCad's in series for 24v
Speed : 20 Mph
Weapon : Don't Need one - 20mph head on is enough!
Armour : 4mm Hardox
Speedo : Sidewinder -
Weight : 11.6kg