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The first ever Feather Weight clone of a Heavy Weight was built in 2003 when Kitty came along with the first evil feather weight spinner to cause havoc in the ranks.

As said above, Kitty was the first Feather Weight clone of a Heavy Weight. It took about 2 attempts of the amour and motor configuration. First the motors were too powerful, so we dropped them down and added more armour, then we wanted a big motor for the disc but then had to change the armour to thin it down to be able to fit the bigger motor for the blade.

First using a normal saw blade from a DIY shop as pictured left, but now Kitty uses a small version of Pussycats blade, cut out of an old Pussycat blade, which weighs 1kg which few years ago, was a dangerous spinner which caused havoc on other feather weights.

Tech Stats

Motors : 3 x 150watt Gold Motors   Untitled-1  
Batteries : 2 x 7.2v 3000mAh NiMh In Series for 14.4v
Speed : 10 Mph
Weapon : 4000rpm 1kg Pussycat Blade
Armour : 2mm Titanium + 4mm Polycarbonate
Speedo : Modified Rex's Speed Controller
Weight : 12kg