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The first real feather weight to be built in the UK - KatNip
with the crushing claws and speed and control as well.
In early 2002, a competition was launched in a magazine called Real Robots called Rex's Robot Challenge where they helped by showing you week by week how to build a 12kg feather weight with limited rules.

Mr Stu started to build a robot out of wood called KatNip with the idea of having crushing claws when he was donated a linear actuator by Alan Wood. After the fully working wooden version was finished, with the help of Alan Gribble, we turned KatNip into a metal crushing machine.

The machine has changed slightly over the years and now has 24v Gold Motors in place of the old window screen wiper motors, which now gives the robot a real kick of acceleration and more speed.

The batteries have now been upgraded to 2400Mah Sub C Sanyo RC Cells to give that extra current needed when crushing the other robots, though with machines these days with thick polycarbonate armour and hardox metal, all we can is grab.

Tech Stats

Motors :  2 x 24v 150watts Gold Motors
Batteries :  2 x 12v 2400Mah NiCad Power Packs in series to give 24v.
Speed :  10 Mph
Weapon :  Linear Actuator powered crushing claws. Around 100kg of force.
Armour :  Mixture of 3mm alum, 5mm alum and 6mm alum and 5mm polycarb.
Speedo :  Modified RRC Speedo to handle more current.
Weight :  11.7kg